Hi my name is concertin Baum I'm a Master of wine and today I feel like Challenging myself I'm going to do a Blind tasting of three wines that's not New you might want to say but there is a Catch instead of relying on all of my Senses in order to identify the wine I Will only use my eyes for the first one My nose for the second wine and my Palate for the third wine will I be able To identify the ones like that Let's find out [Music] We have five basic human senses touch The side hearing smell and taste but in The blind tasting usually only four of Those senses play a role as hearing Isn't really a factor however there were Studies undertaken that proved that the Background music played at tastings Influence the results so you might want To say that all sensors are in play when It comes to tasting wine plant tastings Can be really difficult and usually I Combine all of the information from all Of my senses in order to form my opinion On a wine but in this experiment I'm Going to focus on one sense per wine and I'm actually going to use those black Glasses for two of the wines Leon picked Those ones and I have no idea what they Are all of the ones are at the same Temperature so I won't be able to Identify a red wine from a white wine

Just based on the temperature in my Mouth I think this is going to be really Difficult and really humbling but I at Least hope that me torturing myself will Be entertaining for you so let's start So let's start off with the first one And focus on the sense of sight usually People use their site in order to Identify objects like the road ahead or Whether the fruit in your hand is an Apple or an orange but side is a little Bit less important in blind tastings Everyone with good eyes can tell a white Wine from a red wine and in most cases You can identify a sparkling wine just By looking at it you can also see Whether a wine has high levels of Alcohol whether it has been filtered or Not and whether it's old or young Different grape varieties can produce Lighter or darker colored wines my back And turn nut for example produce really Dark red wines while nebiolo and Pinot Noir produce light-colored red wines Grape varieties like Pinot Gris and Stramina can actually produce white ones That have a slightly pinkish U due to The color of their berries so let's see Whether I can identify this wine just by Looking at it in order to avoid smelling Something I'm actually going to put this Huge clamp on my nose while I pour the Wine only while I pour a while because It hurts

Really bad okay I'm going to try to keep My nose away from the glass so that I Don't get influenced by the flavor of The wine Okay this is a very light colored wine I Don't know whether you can see that Against my white jumper but this is Really really light colored like I said Initially there are great varieties that Produce really dark red wines While Others produce lighter red wines so the List includes grabbed right he's like Pinot Noir nebiolo but also Grenache Kame could be included in that list as Well and there are some specialty grape Varieties like trollinger vernach so a Grape variety that is not very common But that produces really light colored Wines people tend to say trollinger is Not a red grape variety it's a Jose Grape variety but yeah anyways so I Don't think that this is nebiolo because Nebiolo tends to be a little bit Brown Towards the rim and this is kind of Purple all the way I don't think it's Ganache because Grenache tends to be a Little bit darker than this I think this Is very very light this could be Pinot Noir a very light Pinot like a basic Entry-level Pinot Noir from Germany or From the azas for example but I mean This is very very light not being able To smell or taste the wine makes it Really difficult because if uh if I

Thought this was Pinot I would taste it And then there was quite a lot of fresh Acidity and some grippy tannins I would Go towards Pinot Noir well if this would Be a really round and very simple Without much acidity and much tannins I Would go more into the direction of Trollinger vernach But I can't so I'm going to say this is A trollinger just because the color is I Mean this is really light colored so so I'm going to say this is a trollinger And this could either be from the north Of Italy or it could be from Germany and If it's from Germany it's usually from Vertenberg the region that has by far Biggest Vineyard surface area dedicated To this grape variety so I'm just going To say this is a trollinger from Wittenberg without smelling or tasting It let's see whether I'm right okay oh What the there's nothing on the front Label is that that's supposed to be like That but it says on the back label Trollinger From Burton back so it's a trollinger From World Bank so I mean I don't even have to taste this stuff Anymore but seriously this was actually Quite easy because the list of great Varieties that are so pale this pale is Very very small I'm sure I've missed Some of the grape varieties they're

Probably some more esoteric ones but Obviously trolling us something that I'm Familiar with being a German living not Too far away from this place too so Leon was kind of nice to me yeah I love Wine but the other beverage I really Enjoy drinking is coffee I drink coffee Every day and even though I'm not a Master of coffee I do like to drink Different coffees from different places And I want to drink quality coffee Instead of generic boring black brew and That's why I want to thank the sponsor Of this video Atlas coffee Club Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription service That selects coffees from around the World and delivers them to your door More than 50 countries produce coffee From Burundi to Sumatra and Atlas Selects new and exciting coffees every Month you can customize your grind type Bros preferences and so on depending on How you like your coffee as a subscriber You get coffee a postcard and a coffee Country card that gives you information On the coffee country's history tasting Notes and context about what makes the Coffee special and unique for my viewers Atlas is offering 50 off plus free Shipping on your first order if you go To atlascoffeeclub.com master of wine The link is in the description that's a Pretty good deal and a pretty good good Way to start the day I know what I'm

Going to drink tomorrow morning But now let's get back to the wines so For the second one let's focus on the Sense of smell humans are able to Recognize 10 000 different Aromas but Most people struggle identifying a Flavor even common flavors by name Sometimes I sit there thinking what is This flavor as my brain is not able to Link it up with the right description it Is important to agitate the glass in Order to release as many flavor Compounds as possible so that you can Make an educated guess the smell of a Wine can give you a lot of information On the rightness level of the fruit Cellar treatments and the grape variety But it also paints an incomplete picture The aroma of green vegetables and Chocolate in a wine might suggest early Harvest of the grape and maturation in Oak barrels but those descriptors could Point to Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon blanc two very different grape Varieties so without having seen the Wine or tasted it you might actually end Up in the completely wrong direction so Let's find out whether this black glass Will confuse me so I actually have to Restrain myself so that I don't put this Wine into my mouth because that's just Part of my normal routine but it's Really interesting just smelling it and Not being able to see it to be honest

I'm not 100 sure whether I think I think I can tell that this is A white wine just by looking at it I Don't know whether the glass does such a Great job But it could be a red one I don't really Know you don't see it clearly that's for Sure so it smells of lemon zest oranges There's also a little bit of ripe Apple Character coming through and there's Quite a lot of Oak so you have those Flavors of vanilla and grilled bread so So there's quite a lot going on here There's quite a lot of intensity in the Glass so this is a very distinct very Concentrated wine style I would say the Flavors Point me towards Chardonnay It could also be something like white Rioja or it could be something like a White shot to Nifty pup And it could be something completely Different I think this is not an Aromatic grape variety so it's not a Sauvignon blanc or Riesling but Um yeah and it's definitely been handled In the cellar in a way in order to get These intense Oak flavors here it's Quite a lot of Aroma quite a lot of Intensity coming from the oak but well Combined with the fruit flavor This could be American Oak that could be A part of it American Oak there's quite A lot of vanilla flavor coming through It also feels like there was Butternut

So the stirring up of the lease that Just gives this creaminess in the nose So it smells a little bit lactic it Smells a little bit Yeah like like a Lemon tart so It's a nice really complex wine so I'm Going to say this is a Chardonnay just Because this is the most obvious choice I think I would say this is maybe a Chardonnay from the new world due to its Concentration and richness I would put It into California I think it might be a Sonoma Chardonnay with lots of Oak but Well managed Oak like I said there's Good balance between the fruit flavor And the oak flavor Let's find out okay a clear glass bottle What the It's white real high again I think I got That wrong at some point earlier in Another video where I did the blind Tasting Leon seems to like putting white riojas In the tasting so I wasn't completely Wrong I first of all mentioned white Rioja and I also said white shot in of Deep up and this is made from ganacha Blanca and viora ganacho Blanca ganache Blanc grape variety used in white shot To Nerf But yeah I was wrong in the end so I'm Not an expert in white Rioja to be Honest so sue me so for wine number Three let's focus on the sense of taste

But I think we also have to talk about The sense of touch the tong has taste Receptors that are able to detect Saltiness sweetness bitterness acidity And Umami which is meatiness basically So those taste receptors are fairly Limited in their ability but they offer Really reliable and very valuable Information in order to be able to Identify a wine on top of that our mouth Is also able to feel CO2 the tannic grip Of an intense red wine and things like The alcoholic burn in the aftertaste so You should really swish the wine around In your mouth in order to gather as much Information as possible you know in my Master of wine exams I actually relied Heavily on tasting the wines especially When it comes to red wines because they Often smell really similar but on the Palette things are revealed that are Really important to get the wine right While you have the wine on your pellet You often also smell something that is Because there is a passage between your Nose and your palate and in order to Reduce that I'm going to use this Terrible clamp again Out to make sure that our only Taste of Wide so let's go oh this is this is Tricky Oh I have to take that off I still need my nose so yeah I think

Just tasting the wine Is interesting because all of a sudden You're very limited in what you actually Get from the one usually you also have The flavor why you taste the one if you Block that Passage don't really Get even half of the enjoyment but you Get quite a bit of information so the Wine is fairly tannic the tannins are Present they are granular they are not The most intense tenants though so Judging from the grip of the tenants I Think it's pretty clear that this is a Red wine the acidity is present it's not Super intense it's quite a lot of body There I would say it has Maybe 13 and a half 14 of alcohol so not low More towards the high end and yeah I Mean the tenants are quite Granular quite intense this doesn't feel Like Pinot Noir tenants for example Doesn't feel like Grenache tenants it Feels more like Cabernet Sauvignon It could also be more concentrated not Back uh something like that so it feels Kind of yeah kind of harsh so as this is Really difficult I'm just going to go For the classic I'm going to say this is A Bordeaux based on Cabernet Sauvignon So majority Cabernet Sauvignon and Yeah let's find out all right ah I'm so Wrong okay so this is a Chianti Classico So I was completely wrong here I mean

It's a pretty good candy classical quite A concentrated one but based on sanjo Veza and not cover any souvenir I didn't Even mention San Jose here I just didn't Get the well I mean there was acidity There but I thought the talents were More pronounced than what I usually Expect from San Jose So yeah I failed miserably here but I Mean this was very difficult all right This was quite interesting and quite Humbling as well tasting from those Glasses really helps you understand your Senses better and I think I'm going to Do that more often in order to practice Just to get better at what I do so thank You for watching I hope you enjoyed this Video if you liked it then please like It down here subscribe to my channel if You haven't done so already my question Of the day is which sense do you rely on The most is it your eyes your nose your Palate or the sense of feel or are you Actually hearing the wine let me know Down below I hope I see you guys again Soon until then stay Thirsty [Music]