Unboxing my SILVER YouTube Play Button #shorts

How it feels to receive a silver YouTube Play button I got this password from YouTube and I think it contains my 100 000 subscriber award so let's open it Nice branding on the box so that Everyone knows what they're about to Receive and this is the moment we've all Been waiting for Okay this is the moment we've all been Waiting for a beautiful letter written By Susan whatever the CEO of YouTube the Famous packaged with great care by Rick Cart and this is it I didn't intend to Make this an emotional video let's face It I'm German but this feels very Special not because of the award because This is just a plaque that you can put On the wall but because of what this Symbolizes thank you all for your Support you are great and you helped me Achieve this and thank you also to YouTube because which other organization Does that gives out Awards like that to Creators so thank you YouTube and thank You you guys so now you know