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These wines are from Oregon and none of Them are Pinot Noir what the heck is Going on this is why not in fact where We explore the world of wine one box at A time [Music] So the wine I have today is called Drew Ver now I was trying to figure out who The heck trouver is and I flip the Bottle around to the back and I saw it Said produced by Lange Winery Now launch Was actually a classic Oregon Winery it Was born in Oregon in the 1980s Kind of like yours truly actually and This Winery specializes in pinot noir And Pinot Gris wines their other label This true ver their second label could Be a more prestigious wine a more value Wine or just something totally different So I was looking around and trying to Figure out why and I think they bottled This under a second label because it’s Just something totally different let’s Find out what these wines are all about True ver indigene 2019 taking a look at This wine this looks to be a pale Straw color On the nose Pear yellow apple a little bit of pine Needle a width of lemon cake and Thyme Let’s give it a taste Wow actually a richer more juicy style White wine although it is dry it almost Has a grapefruit like a Pity grapefruit

Like finish now I was looking up this Wine and there’s two things that’s Interesting about it it is a Pinot Gris But the grapes that these Vines are Making are actually white in color so It’s a mutation of Pinot Gris and if you Know Pinot Gris it’s actually looks much More like a red grape now and then the Other thing that I found interesting About this wine is it ages in neutral Oak barrels and that might be what’s Contributing to the richness in the Palate and the texture of this white Wine Troversarah 2017. taking a look at this Wine gosh I can’t see through it this Looks to be a deep Ruby color on the Nose Blackberries Menthol roasted meat new Leather and a whiff of vanilla let’s Give it a taste Tannin this wine has high tannin High high medium high acidity and boy a Big big body this is a surprising wine Because it is not Pinot Noir it is Syrah And it’s grown in a region that not very Many people know about called Umpqua Valley this area is actually in southern Oregon Way South of the Willamette Valley in a region that’s up and coming For rhone-style varieties which if you Know a thing or two about the Rhone Syrah is one of those grapes what’s Surprising about this wine for me is the

Amount of color I’m seeing in the glass And the high intense tanning those are Two great indicators of age-worthiness In a wine like Syrah True ver tempranillo 2018. This puppy is a deep froopy color On the nose a little bit of raspberry Violets fresh dill almost like dried Tobacco leaf and a whiff of blueberry Vanilla let’s give it a taste Good lordy this taste palette keeps Going and going and going and this wine Is not small it’s It has bull tannin it’s got lots of Acidity and the body is off the charts Temper Neo in Oregon is very rare in Fact this one also comes from Southern Oregon from the Umpqua Valley this area Is very interesting and the climate is Very different than what you’ll find in The Willamette Valley which is why we Can get away with a wine grape that Traditionally grows in Spain Whoa I think it just goes to show that what’s Happening in Oregon isn’t just the Willamette Valley these wines from Umpqua Valley show a totally different Climate and style of wine that you would Normally expect from Oregon which is Standard edition Pinot Noir and I like To see Syrah and tempranio popping up in What’s happening in Oregon because it’s Exciting to see what the potential can

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