Unexpected Wine and Chocolate Pairings

Wine and chocolate Smooth Seductive A match made in heaven right actually no Most red wine doesn't pair well with Chocolate because the tannins in both The chocolate and the red wine amplify Bitter flavors fortunately there are Great wine and chocolate pairings out There and I'm going to show you what Works from milk to dark chocolate you're Going to be surprised with the chocolate That works best it's not what you think Hey what's up it's Madeline from Wine Folly want to learn more about wine Check out the free wine learning Newsletter at winefolly.com Milk chocolate A good milk chocolate is about half Chocolate and half heavy cream that Extra fat makes it easier to pair with Wine in this case the intensity of the Cocoa makes red wine the best match However if we pick a dry red wine it's Going to amplify those bitter flavors so We need to pick a sweet red wine two red Wines that work excellently with milk Chocolate are Lambrusco and briquetto From Italy lembrusco adds fresh Berry Notes with a touch of creamy bubbles Look for wines labeled a Mobility for The right amount of sweetness Brachetto adds raspberry and rose petal Flavors chocolate mousse and briqueto is

Absolutely fabulous now there are more Producers than the ones that I've just Shown this is just to get you started How do you make great wine pairings Start thinking about your wine as an Ingredient take a bite of the food and Immediately sip the wine and they should Create a new flavor on your palette Together dark chocolate Dark chocolate has a minimum of 35 cocoa Solids if you're a dark chocolate lover You're probably at 70 or more for this Pairing we need the highest intensity Sweet wines to match up with that high Cocoa content two wines worth exploring For this are port and Vincento Port is a Sweet fortified red wine from northern Portugal expect this pairing to add Spiced Berry flavors with a hint of Cinnamon vinsanto is made mostly in Tuscany it's slow fermented sweet wine With dried fruit nut and caramel flavors White chocolate I know what you're Thinking white chocolate isn't Technically a chocolate as it contains Zero percent cocoa solids and you would Be right but if you're dead set on Pairing chocolate with dry red wine this Is your option The cocoa butter Smooths out acidity in Tannins and red wines and reveals these Crazy Rich fruit flavors I would Recommend a lighter red wine like Pinot Noir to bring out creamy red cherry and

Raspberry notes another great pairing Might be a white wine like sauvignon Blanc for a creamy passion fruit Explosion in your mouth If you're looking for more pairings Check out this full article we've got Tons more well worth exploring and if You've been wanting to learn more about Wine but don't know where to get started Subscribe at winefolly.com you'll get a Special one-time offer when you sign up I hope this helps you drink better wine And until next time happy tasting [Music]