UNIVERSAL wine GLASSES – The Ultimate Test

Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and today i’m going to do Another Ultimate wine glass tasting after the Last video you had lots of suggestions On which glasses i should review next And i decided that the most important Glass is probably a great universal wine Glass so i have this selection of Different wine glasses That i will blind taste later on in Order to find The ultimate universal wine glass and The worst wine glass Will be destroyed so let’s go Nice to see you again i’ve noticed that Quite a lot of you watching haven’t Subscribed to my channel yet If you like it then you should put a Ring on it or just subscribe and learn Something about wine Come on if you look back at the history Of the wine glass you notice some trends And some evolution The production of the wine glass as we Know it with a base a stem and a bowl Started in the 1400s in venice but the Wine glasses back then did not look like The wine glasses today they were much Smaller and this is due to different Reasons First of all it just wasn’t technically Possible to produce these Thin light and clear wine boards that

We’re used to today Another factor is that form often Follows function and drinking custom Surges different until the middle of the 19th century Wine was served by a server chucked down And then the glass was given back to the Server Only roughly around the middle of the 19th century people Started leaving the wine glasses on the Table and they had to be bigger As they were not refilled every time you Took a drink but way into the 20th Century glasses were mostly decorative And weren’t designed to bring out the Best out of the wine In the 20th century glasses got bigger And bigger and there was also a larger Diversity of different glass shapes Released to the market Riedel pioneered the introduction of Varietal specific glasses And today there’s a sea of different Glasses for all different kinds of Purposes Even though i generally buy into the Concept of using different glasses for Different wines I also know that this topic can be quite Complex it doesn’t really help that the Glass industry is making a lot of money By constantly promoting their newest Class

As the greatest ever using questionable Science and sometimes outrageous Marketing claims like these ones for Example The glass is maximizing the nose by Re-harmonizing the aromas The tapering neck of the glass Intensifies the aroma molecules Which are positively hurled out of the Glass and This glass acts as a gentle decanter That allows The flavors and aromas of the wine to Emerge In the glass i often taste 100 different Wines in one tasting and i wouldn’t be Able to do that If i change the glass every time i taste A different varietal this is why i Ordered several different universal wine Glasses And i will do a blind tasting to find The best one for my taste The ultimate glass needs to be universal So i’m going to try it with two Very different wines one is a riesling From the rhinego and the other one is a Red wine from the south of france In order to see which glass actually Brings out the best Out of both wines the worst performer is Going to be Destroyed in order to make room for Something new i will write down all of

The wine names including the prices Below this video The cheapest glass at 5 euros is the iso Wine glass that i got When i first started with my wsct Courses the most expensive one Is the sia vision straight at 50 euros a Glass I currently use the real veritas Champagne glass as my universal wine Glass and that works quite well If you follow me on instagram you’ve Seen that i just recently purchased the Real Performance riesling wine glasses and I’m looking forward to trialing them so For the blind tasting i’m going to put On this glove and i’m going to be Blindfolded and my wife is going to give Out Those glasses in a random order to me so That i don’t know which one is which Okay let’s go This brings out the fruit quite nicely So It’s good this is More hollow less fruity and Less good so no [Music] This is also less intense so I would say nope this is really weird For some reason the wine Seems to disappear in this glass no i Think

This is not good okay i gotta be honest I Kind of already know which one this is It doesn’t really allow the wine to show Its full aroma so I think this is not good this is quite Good The wine shows quite a lot of citrus Fruit here It’s quite bright nice This is actually not bad but it’s not Great i mean there were better ones so i Would say No this one is actually the best so far The flavor comes out quite intense and Rich even though this is a delicate and Fine wine But yeah this is definitely a yes Next finish okay Let’s find out how the glass is fared i Think this is also the first time I’m wearing two bandanas at the same Time Interesting okay how cool is this So my favorite glass The veritas champagne has done Really well was that actually the last One so this was actually the one i Preferred Well i mean maybe i’m just so used to it The new real performance riesling glass Also did really well And this is the gabriel glass i know This is one of

A lot of my viewers favorite so i’m Also happy to see this glass performing Well in this tasting But now we’re going to see whether the Same glasses do As well worse better whatever with the Red wine so Let’s go okay round number two Are you ready Let’s do this okay the wine shows quite A lot of Richness vibrancy you’ve got fruit Flavor and there are spice notes So this is actually not too bad I think this is a yes This is slightly toned down so it’s not As intense There’s less spiciness there it’s not as Complete so I would say no so this is quite nice You get some fruit flavors some prunes Cherries but also licorice and spice Notes So this is good okay this is different It kind of Elevates the licorice and spice notes And the fruit flavor Disappears a little bit it’s also not as Pronounced As the first and the third one So i would say this is a pass No this is very nice i mean the flavor Is Quite elevated quite intense quite

Concentrated Uh lots of fruit flavor but it’s a good Combo Of fruit and spice notes again so This is very good yeah it’s kind of hard To mask The iso glass i certainly know which Glass it is And it’s not terrible but i think There’s just not enough space there to Really Allow the wine to shine so i’m going to Say no This is again really nice i like the Balance between the fruit And the spice notes it’s not as Pronounced as the one Before the iso glass but It’s quite good okay this is Really nice i like the flavor profile Here The wine is very very much in balance I can see that most of these glasses Work much better with the red wine Than the white wine but this is a very Nice combo The wine feels really complex lifted Fresh Vibrant really beautiful [Music] Okay next all right That’s it again so let’s see I think i didn’t discard as many glasses As

The white one i only discarded three Glasses And i have five glasses that i liked so Interesting this time the Sofine walt and the salto made it in the Lineup as well But three glasses were in the lineup Last time as well with the white wine Which was the Riddle veritas champagne glass the Rita’s Riesling glass and the gabriel glass so I think They have to be the winners of this Tastings Tasting all three and um I’m not really sure which one i would Prefer optically i think The reader performance recent glass Looks really nice But i’m definitely going to play around A little bit more with the Gabriel glass as well because it did a Really good job doing the whole tasting Now the only question is Which glass has to go and I gotta say It’s time to get rid of this i think Because It’s just too small it’s not its fault It’s just too small it just Can’t give the wine what it needs so So thank you for watching if you like This video then please like it down here

Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already My question of the day is what could it Else be but What is your favorite universal glass Let me know Down below i hope i see you guys again Soon Until then stay thirsty [Music] You