This was close [Music] It’s a new year and i want to make a Slightly different video this time this Video is for all of you who subscribed To my channel And liked and commented on my videos for All of you out there who haven’t Subscribed to my channel It’s not too late subscribe now to Become one of my first 2000 subscribers i want to do a bit of a Casual update video where i tell you What happened last year and about what’s Going to happen this year on this Channel To be honest last year this channel was Almost Dead i started this channel in 2014 Way back in the days when i set up my Own business As i got more and more busy and my Business Became more and more successful i Actually had less and less time to Deal with this channel and i kind of Forgot about it Until 2020 in 2020 the year looked Really busy too as i was planning to Travel all around the world to taste Wines and visit new wine growing regions And then covet hit the pandemic changed A lot of things for a lot of people For me it meant that i was stuck at home

And had less opportunities to travel As i was traveling less i had more time And i therefore decided To turn a negative situation into Something positive And restarted this channel my youtube Channel And all of the great comments and Feedback that i received On my videos really changed the Situation for me in last year I actually made my first own wine on This channel In 2020 i tasted some amazing bottles And i really learned a lot while Preparing For the educational videos for you guys I therefore made it one of my New year’s resolutions to focus more on My youtube channel i want to produce More videos Than i ever did before in 2021 And i want to do more wine tastings wine Gadget reviews 1 in 10 videos on wines regions and Grape varieties for you guys I even might take you on a couple of my Trips in 2021 if that is possible Like i said this video is for you guys And i especially want to thank All of you who have interacted with me In the comment section Like pierzett nina nina and spirit alex And many more thanks a lot guys and

If you haven’t commented on any of my Videos yet And make it your new year’s resolution To comment more Down there in the comment section a good Starting point might be To answer this question what do you want To see on this channel which kind of Wines do you want To me to review which kind of regions do You want me to talk about Which kind of content do you want me to Focus on More in the future just comment down Here and i’ll make sure that all of your Comments are read And the best ones will certainly be Turned into Videos thank you for watching the next Video will be more of a normal Post but i found it quite important to Give you a bit of an update If you haven’t subscribed to my channel Yet then please Subscribe down here like my video if you Liked it And comment down below if you want to Tell me whatever You want to tell me whatever you Do stay thirsty and It’s almost lunch time so i’m going to Finish this Baby cheers You