Vieux Clocher 2020 Chateauneuf du Pape, Symphonie des Galets

So here we have the 2020 view closure Shutting off to pop this is from the Orno family of Wands really uh well Known in the southern Rowan region we're Shutting off the pop is located And uh Uh this one is a really exciting wine For us uh something that we found sort Of I don't know haphazardly for lack of A better word uh not a lot of this is Made not a lot of it gets you know Imported into the uh into the United States so we were pretty lucky to find This guy 2020 really solid vintage these Wines are just coming out now We sampled this wine Um you know a few months back and we're All pretty Blown Away by the the quality Considering uh the value that this one's Going to bring in uh 65 Grenache the Rest is the typical Syrah moved since so And Yes look at the color This is really really Especially for setting off really dark Kind of Inky color in the glass And it is intense With really classic quintessential Shutting off to pop notes um nice red Fruit Bramble fruit there's some nice Needy Savory notes to it there's a nice Tobacco note to it there's some nice Gary some some green olive Some exotic like floral notes to this

Also little hint of that wood little Hint of that cedar doesn't see a ton of Oak under a year in uh in Oak for this One but Man that is intense and it's really Pretty really pretty on the nose it's Good to taste Yeah and as pretty as it is on the nose It's just as pretty on the palette it's Beautiful wine really well structured Searing acidity which doesn't always Happen but does in the best advantages So the acidity is there it's Mouth-watering The red fruits again those spices kind Of dried herbs come through Tannins are pretty firm and chewy it's a Young wine but they're still really well Integrated with the fruit a lot of Concentration this is a wine that's That's drinking well now if you like You're shutting off a little bit big and Bolder this is going to age this could Go another easily seven to ten years Make a really good pairing as shutting Off those with a lot of different game You know lamb actually it's a funny Pairing but I love shutting off with Ostrich venison beautiful pairing for uh For this wine and chattanos can you know Be quite expensive depending on uh on Who the producer is so for for under Thirty dollars a bottle this is just a Screaming shutting off value and again

Can we find it here at Wine Express so Cheers enjoy