What determines the colour of a wine?

Foreign [Music] ER an international wine Communicator Educator and television presenter now White red and Rosy wines are all made From the fermented grape juice But how do they get to be in these Distinct colors the color of your wine Comes from the skin of the grape because The juice itself is actually colorless And if you want to test it out for Yourself why not try squeezing or Peeling a black grape and take a look at The juice inside [Music] So to make red wines red and Rose Wine's Rose the wine must be made from black Skinned grapes these skins must be left In contact with the juice during wine Making the juice is extracted and the Skins are removed straight away [Music] From black grapes Champagne is [Music] Almost all white wines are made from White skinned grapes When grapes arrive at the winery after The Harvest any stalks are usually Removed and the grapes are crushed open To break the skins and release the Sugary colorless juice We're making white wine the grape skins Will typically be removed straight away

The crushed scrapes undergo a process Called pressing in which machine Separates the skins and the seeds from The grape juice this clear sugary liquid Is then fermented into white wine For red wine making however the grapes Aren't pressed until after fermentation The grapes are crushed and a mixture of Skins and juice is created which is then Fermented together During fermentation color is extracted From the Skins along with tannin a Compound responsible for that grippy Mouth drying sensation you get when you Taste a red wine during fermentation the Winemaker can influence though how much Color and how much of that Griffey Tannin is extracted from the skins It'll like when you brew a cup of tea The longer you leave the tea in contact With hot water the deeper the color will Become And the flavor will also be stronger and More bitter because tea actually Contains Tanner 10. similarly during fermentation both Temperature and time play a role in Determining How Deeply colored and Tannic that wine becomes The grape variety used also influences The final color of the wine then a skin Varieties like Pinot Noir Symphony have Less color and tannin to give to the Wine

While the thick-skinned Cabernet Sauvignon grape can create deep colored Punchy wines with plenty of Mouth-gripping tannin Only after fermentation is complete are The skins pressed and separated from the Wine Rose wines also get their color from Black Grape skins but these wines are Much paler in color and don't have Tanners most are made by soaking or Macerating the crashed scrapes for a Short period enough time for the Skins To stay in the juice a delightful pink Color The wine maker will be careful though Not to soak the grapes for too long Otherwise it might turn into a red wine So before the tannins had been extracted And when the juice is the right shade of Pink it will be separated from the skins And fermented much like a white wine If you try a few different wines side by Side the differences in their depth and Color will be clearly visible While the color of a wine may change as It gets older the appearance of any Newly made wine is determined almost Exclusively by contact with the grape Skins We hope you enjoyed this three minute Wine School visit wsetgglobal.com to Find out more about Tape WSET course