What is QPR (or Quality Price Ratio?) | Beyond the Bottle

Have you ever heard the term QPR in wine And not quite sure what it means well Today we're going to learn about it so QPR stands for Quality price ratio and In a nutshell it means the value of the Wine or how expensive is the wine Compared to what kind of quality is Behind it so we laid out three wines Today to sort of go over what that Entails in terms of wine regions grapes And wine making processes because the First thing that's going to affect QPR Is the region right just like real Estate anywhere else location location And there's a reason why cabernet from Napa and Bordeaux which we have here is Going to be more expensive than Cabernets from say even Sonoma Chile Language areas that don't have the same You know location and produce the same Maybe concentration and quality in Grapes another factor is going to be the Grape varietals themselves as grapes Like Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir Typically going to be a little bit more Expensive than other varietals even from The same region so if you're a fan of Napa cabs you might want to look for a Napazin or a Syrah same goes for Oregon If Pinot is your favorite from Willamette Valley you know you might Want to try us other varietals from the Same region and then the third factor is Going to be the wine making process

Which we're going to talk about because Oak barrels Labor for post fermentation Elevage techniques all you know will Factor into the price of the wine so we Have three bordeaux's here all from the Bordeaux region different operations Different sub-appellations so the first On the kind of elite premium level is Chateau valendro Chateau valondo is a Premier Grand Cru Class A Saint Emilian Grand crew so this is a you know 9900 point wine uh you know Very high up on the on the price range And man when you smell this though you Understand why I mean the concentration Here uh just the beautiful black fruits The oak the intensity everything that's Just coming out of the glass just Screams that it's a super quality uh Super quality wine and that you're you Know most likely going to pay uh top Dollar for it And there is a definite time and place For that wine because wow is that an Experience just a sip so this is really That special occasion wine that ageable Wine something that you're going to Throw in the cellar for you know five or Ten years it's 2019 it's really too Young to be you know drinking right now It's very powerful and very very Masculine so that's your really you know High-end wine and from a QPR scale

It's hard to say that it's low but it's Not a great value you're you're paying a Premium for a supreme premium product so Then you have your your next level so That's this chateola boss as an example Right Shelton is staying a step so this Is still Bordeaux We're on the other bank we're Left Bank And I should say the the valondros uh Mostly Merlot so we wanted to keep Somewhat consistent in terms of the Grapes as an example and this Santa Steph is 50k there's almost 50 Merlot so Um Left Bank can have a little bit more Cabs sometimes but this is almost a 50 50 split with some other grapes thrown In so where you're in the hundreds of Dollars a bottle here now we're you know In the 40 50 range for this Chateau Le Bosque and it's still Extremely fragrant Lots of intensity on the nose still lots Of really nice black fruits a little Hint of that Oak a little bit of that Minerality that comes out on those a Little bit of that graphite Um it's not quite as intense Um and this has a little bit of bottle Aid so you're starting to get some of That nice earthiness and tobacco really Really pleasing on the nose and this is A you know a really well rated wine too [Music] Yeah and this comes across really really

Pleasing on the palette beautiful Acidity Tons of you know a little bit smoother They're not quite as you know firm and Gripping and the fruit's not quite as Concentrated lovely balance on this one So this is something that you can you Know open up with with friends when You're you know looking to open Something a little bit special you're You know have some steaks on the grill You want something to pair up nicely With it having a nice meal and this is Going to be you know kind of your middle Of the road QPR wine really good quality And you know again not A couple hundred dollars you know 50 or Less or so and then you have this so This is Chateau de tasta and this is a Bordeaux Superior supporters PR meaning The grapes can come from a lot of Different areas throughout board to help This is 70 below 30 caps so again all These are sort of Blends uh with Merlot Being Prevalent in the blend Yeah and so you know it has similar Character when you think about what the Fruit is on all these wines right There's still you know ripe uh black Cherry fruit there's some red fruit on Here a little bit more maybe red fruit a Little bit more maybe strawberry a Little bit of a Jammy Plum certainly

Less Oak and that's one of the big Things when we talk about wine making uh What's happening with aging right oh Barrels are expensive and to toast them It's expensive and that's a lot of what Goes into the cost of these wines so When you have these you know lesser Expensive value High QPR rated on the Scale wines you're going to have a Little bit less of those elevage or uh You know after fermentation techniques [Music] And this is a great wine right this is One of those wines when you see you know Best Buy rated everyday Wine open it up On a Wednesday night zero guilt uh Opening with friends enjoying and it's Something that's meant to be enjoyed Young you know a lot of wines aren't Meant to be aged they aren't meant to You know throw in the salad they're Meant to open up enjoy them young Have them fresh and that's exactly where This fits and for you know under 15 now We're talking about a wine that is super High on the QPR scale and and that's Sort of what you're looking at and every Wine has its place so it's just a matter Of if we're buying for the everyday We're buying for the seller and when the Right time to open and enjoy that wine Is so so cheers [Music]