What is Wine Folly Club like?

Welcome to Wine Folly Club this is March Hey this is Patrick Cappiello from Montegrito Sellers and skull wines it's A surprising wine because we are in this Central Valley of California most of it Comes from the Lodi region which is Quite an old region and there are a lot Of weird grapes and if you heard him Describe this wine it's a kitchen sink Blend of what's growing over there and It's a and it's a lot of old organic Vines that he's pulling from there's a Definitive leanness to this wine from What you would expect in the climate and In the region I think that's what makes It so as you put it easy to drink too Quickly oh here's a great question so we Like to have wines that are you know Classic and showing you know regions That have been around for a while that Are very established but we also like to Show you some fun funky new things that You maybe wouldn't be able to find out About like you know the skull red was One this month that stands out that way To me Hey what's up it's Madeline from Wine Folly and if you'd like to taste great Wines from around the world check out Wine Folly Club it's a tasting group With me and my cadra of wine Pros