Whitehall Lane 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Rassi, Sonoma Valley

So here we have something new from Whitehall Lane this is their racy this One is Sonoma Valley it's 95 cab it's Five Merlot and the Merlot is actually From their estate uh in Rutherford so Even though it's you know a Sonoma Valley uh cab you got a little bit of That Rutherford dust going on on this Wine too Whitehall Lane so this is Napa Green you know certified sustainable They're really keeping eye with this Napa green project on you know Carbon Footprints social equity and inclusion Farming practices you know Forest Preservation so it's a really it's a Really important certification for Whitehall Lane and they take it really Seriously and you can you know tell the Care that goes into the wines And yeah I mean This is you know just really Quintessential Quality Sonoma cab on the nose Lots of uh fresh kind of plump is this The first thing that comes up but like a Black Plum Get some some red raspberry here it's a Nice mix of black and red fruits to be Honest some blackberries some black Cherry We also have this kind of rhubarb pie It's an 18 really solid vintage but it's Got some bottle age so you're getting Some tobacco you know I'm getting some

Sort of roasted Chestnut kind of Aromas Here Um there's a lot going on this is a Really layered uh complex wine on the Nose really pleasing let's give it a Taste [Music] Yeah this is a very rich mouth filling Hard to not uh note that this would be a Napa cab to be honest there's a lot of Big Fresh Food flavors the acidity is Notable and it is balanced out by the I I call them firm tannins but you can Tell that they're sort of settling out And they're really nicely you know well Integrated into this wine this wine is Drinking beautifully right now very Expressive very expansive but there's no Reason a wanted this quality you know Won't age another five to even 10 years In the cellar taking on some of those More tertiary kind of tobacco and earthy Notes mushroom mushrooms mushroom Starting to come out too so uh this is At the at the pricing it comes in a Really good weeknight wine but there's No reason you couldn't uh pop open this Bad boy or the a really nice steak Coming off the grill as well so cheers Enjoy [Music]