Wine Expressed | Chateau Le Boscq 2016 St. Estèphe, Cru Bourgeois

So here we have the Chateau La Vos this Is 2016 Santa Steph This is a new wine for us and man I am Super excited about it uh we found the Set of tasting and Just blown away uh by the value that it Offered compared to some of the other You know just huge Chateau names uh in The Left Bank so Santa Steph you know One of the best regions out there for uh For Bordeaux for cab driven Bordeaux This has been decanting because this is A uh this is a serious wine that's got a Lot of layers and a little bit of air Here Does a lot of good for these wines so at Screw Bourgeois it was a 2020 classified As the exceptional uh crew Bourgeois so That's Highest level of what crew Bourgeois Offers and um this has some really Beautiful soil where The Vineyards are Planted a lot of gravel you know a lot Of that that Left Bank kind of typical Uh soil a little bit of clay underneath And 2016 as a vintage is you know one of The best if not the best you know in the Last couple of decades it's you know in That conversation of the tens the 2000s And With really good reasons because even These you know not You know wildly worldly famous wines are Just

Tremendous quality and Aromas on this Are so enticing Um fruit first right really nice Blueberry blackberry almost like a Blueberry pie Um So fruit certainly comes first there's Uh you know it's all obviously French Oak I think it's 40 new French oak on This and you got cab Milo some petite Bordeaux and that petite verdot is where I'm getting these nice violets and Floral notes that are coming out of this One really pretty on the nose a little Bit of cocoa Yeah I love that baker's chocolate you Know that bitter kind of cocoa that Comes out on the nose here Um a little bit of that kind of Cedar And some of those tertiary starting to Come around right 2016 we have some Bottle AIDS we have a little forest Floor a little bit of those earthy Undertones Maybe a hint of that leathery kind of Note it's really complex it's really Layered and it's um It's hard not to want to take a sip so I'm gonna go taste it Wow So the layers on this wine are just Really intricate and come in waves so That fruit hits you first The the structural components the

Acidity on here is just wonderful it's Vibrant it's it's you know borderline Searing it's really racy acidity uh the Tannins are fine grained it gives it a Really nice soft supple mouth feel Everything is in balance on this wine You have the the well-developed fruit You have those oak kind of components Those floral components that dark cocoa Is still coming out and then those Beautiful tertiary notes this is a wine That is drinking beautifully now it's 2016. this is going to age further Depending on how you like your wine and This is make a great pairing the lamb Roast even some beef this is this is a Big wine you know it's not like a huge Full body opulent wine but there's Enough concentration in structure here I Love to pair this with a nice uh 2016 shout out to the boss highly rated Wait to see all the scores that this Thing has the price that it's you know At right now is just such a tremendous Value to so those bigger names in the Market so hope you enjoy it cheers Thank you