Wine Folly Club Launches!

Hey what's up it's Madeline I am an Author wine expert and founder of Wine Folly and I'm delighted to introduce to You Wine Folly Club it's a tasting group With myself with our head Director of Education our club curator and more each Month you will receive a collection of Wines highly curated selected obsessed About wines by ourselves that we're Super excited to share with you from Unique places around the world we will Get into these wines together in finer Detail and you'll expand your palette as You learn more about wine Now this club has many perks special Offers first access to things so much More that I can't say but what I will Say is because we want to feature Specially curated wines there is a Limited availability of this club as a Whole so if you're interested definitely Sign up find out more this is going to Be in a fantastic club I'm super excited To share these incredible wines and the World of wine with you