Wine Folly Club Live | February 2023

Welcome everyone to wind Folly's first Wine Folly Club shipment the live Tasting we had members tuning in from All over the United States and I had a Chance to introduce Kalina Marshall who Is kicking off the club for us she's Done an excellent job so far and she Introduced me I am the founder of and the author of this Book and then together we introduced the Wines and a special guest that's Christine marsilio our master of wine And Director of Education here at Wine Folly so let's see how it went I'm a Master of wine I'm the director of Education at Wine Folly and I'm so happy You're here tonight I live in London so It's a bit past my bedtime but I've Created a few videos and even a little Quiz for you at the end Let's jump in to our first wine the best Way to start an evening is of course With bubbles and our bubbles tonight are From an area of Italy that you'll have Heard of before Prosecco however these Bubbles come from an elevated gem the Creme de La Creme The Stairway to Heaven The tiny region of it's a bit of a Mouthful corneliano valdo Prosecco Superior this docg is a small very hilly Region in the foothills of the Alps the Elevation along with the poor soils mean You get fresh complex and exuberant Wines

Our wine today is made by sorelli branca Sorelli means sisters in Italian and Indeed it is run by Two Sisters Antonella and elsiliana who are pushing The limits when it comes to tewar and Fine wine in Valdivia they learned a Love of winemaking and viticulture from Their father Livio and their grandfather Martino Having grown up in the hills of Aldubadine they are passionate about Preserving The beautiful landscape and The Flora and Fauna within it the grapes For our wine tonight came from Vineyards That have a gradient of 60 percent That's 20 steeper than the steepest Street in San Francisco You should notice a refined intensity of Aroma and flavor along with a somewhat Saline finish on this wine thanks to the Brute style it's one of my favorites so I hope you enjoy cheers This wine surprised me quite honestly Like when you taste a Prosecco it's easy To get a couple of Aromas and I got so many like I just kept writing Things down I really liked her point About the saline finish I was looking For you know a lot of Prosecco have sort Of like a yeasty beer like flavor to Them and I didn't really find that in This wine it feels really fresh and lean And and startlingly aromatic Yeah so funny because like the the part

Of it is like It's just sort of as like a crew texture To it not Um Which I also found in the next one that We're drinking as well too but we don't Need to get ahead of ourselves but like It just like sort of adds that to it It's not like that theory kind of like That that heaty kind of flavor to it Um it's really precise and really it's a Really pretty wine really elegant yeah Um one of the things that Is is so interesting about Prosecco and We just actually launched a guide on This region corneliano valdo biadene Um say it with me corneliano If you if you do it with a little bit of An accent it feels it feels more awesome Um this region is Very different than well it's very Different than champagne for a lot of Reasons and the main reason that most People pick up on is the TR the method The wine making method you know Champagne is an older style of of Sparkling wine method where they do the Secondary fermentation inside the bottle It happens inside the bottle whereas This method happens inside of these Tanks and I was thinking about it Because people were like tank method and And the Italians go it's the bartoni Method and the French go no it is the

Sharma method like everybody disagrees On what this thing is called and the the Thing that I find so interesting about It is that the tanks that we had before The 1900s couldn't hold pressure like They were made out of Oak barrels and so Finally in the early 1900s some Industrious inventors were like you know What we can put wine in there and make It bubbly in a big tank let's try it out And that's how Prosecco was created was Through these new stainless steel tanks That started coming around around the Early 1900s and for me for wine which is A very Antiquated way of doing things We're always like looking into the past Well trying to be Forward Thinking at The same time it felt like a huge leap Of innovation that happened in Italy in The early 1900s that we hadn't really Seen and wine for a long a long long Period of time and still like people are Developing new sparkling wine methods Today so it's like it's a big deal so I Like to enjoy that and then when I found Out about corneliano valve and what she Said 60 grade That's uh Oh inspiring that's like rock climbing I like the brute because I think it just Has so much versatility for like pairing Like anything that has like a little bit Of like

Um anything fried with it would be just So delicious yeah it's literally and I Mean honestly who doesn't like french Fries they're delicious they're Wonderful everybody needs more of those Not to mention fried chicken and this is Kind of the perfect wine for that in my Opinion Let's move on to the next one in the Set Uh this is gonna be uh one that I'll be Talking about this is the shot and Smith Uh the sauvignon blanc from Adelaide Hills uh Australia from South Australia And if you look at where it's from in South Australia this region Adelaide Hills wow My goodness when I So the first time I ever heard about Sean Smith it was for my boss for my Like first wine job ever in Reno Nevada And I was going to south Australia it Was like my first wine trip ever we Saved up all this money my boyfriend and My now husband Um to go to South Australia and he's Like definitely go to Sean Smith we got There We drove in the driveway and then we Were going to be late for our next Appointment so that's as far that's as Close as I got to Sean Smith it's a Beautiful place it's a beautiful Winery In Adelaide Hills is a stunning stunning Place to be and it's in this area called

The mount lofty ranges And what makes it so unique this area is We can grow white grapes you know in the North side in South Australia it's quite Quite hot but for whatever reason it's Very very much cooler in Adelaide Hills A little bit more about Shaw and Smith Themselves Uh it's they're actually cousins like Real life cousins and Martin Shaw is the Guy on the left there and that's Michael Hill Smith on the right and uh Michael Hill Smith is actually Australia's first Master of wine and you know how Master Gwen we got Christine richly is a master Of wine we've got we've got you you're Working Colleen is working on her master Of wine and it's it's a big deal and he Is he got it in 1988 and he got this Thing called the bolinge award and only One only the best the valedictorian Student essentially wins the blonde Award each year that they do the Examination and Christine got one too So anyway there's a connection there she Was totally freaking out about the fact That we had Sean Smith and I I just Wondered if there was a connection there Anyway this region as a whole and Um is very hilly because it is in the Mount lofty ranges and that's actually To the secret to how we can produce These wines Um you might be if you have this wine

Open you're welcome to smell it and Taste it I'll talk about the flavors of This wine in a little bit but what I Think it's it's notable is you have a Variable climate you've got Hills you've Got different slopes angling in Different directions which can change The temperature of that Vineyard and how The grapes grow but generally what we See here are more cooler climate Varieties so you can do Samuel Blanc Pinot Noir uh there's a Chardonnay and They actually grow a little bit of Shiraz there too but a lot of producers Are starting to call it Syrah because They're making it in a much more Northern Rhone style so it's much more Tart it's much more fresh fruited than a Lot of the other wines you'll find from South Australia I want to this wine in particular It's a very clean wine making that's Gone into this wine it's it's definitely Meant to be fresh in the styling that's It's stainless it's stainless tanks and That kind of thing and you said Something about it when we tasted it When we were talking about this wine Earlier that I think is worth noting About the wine making Yeah I mean to me I think like it's just Sort of like I mean first of all like The quality of the fruit really stands Out here to me like there's like this

Beautiful even rightness I mean you and I were discussing like just how much Flavor is in this glass Um and just like I don't get that like Big huge like green felt pepper Characteristic to it so much as like Almost like fresh green cut grass and You'd mentioned passion fruit as well Which to me is just like that's the Banger here it's like Jose a passion Fruit in your in your face Um but you do also get like that creamy Undertone from a little bit of leaves The secret yeah ah yes here we go the Geek out Um Vineyards so uh what makes Sean Smith Special is that they are actually in a State Winery this is they have multiple Levels of Tears for their red wines and Their Chardonnay but this is the only Sauvignon blanc they produce and by the Way this thing is award-winning it's Constantly put as a benchmark for in Australia uh it's usually getting more Than 93 points uh in ratings if you if You follow uh people uh you know James Suckling Ned Goodwin James Halliday Companion um Aaron Larkin at the wine Advocate like people love this wine it's A very well well loved wine um but It comes mostly from these two Vineyards That Sean Smith owns as you can see Sauvignon blanc is mostly in valhana Vineyard there's a little bit in

Lenswood and uh they also get Um grapes from a couple of other Producers in Adelaide Hills but they Don't make any wines from outside of Adelaide Hills they're very specific to This appellation this Geographic Indication in Australia which I think is Really notable we thought we'll see a Lot of producers in this tasting who do A lot of things from all over so the Fact that they're only sticking close to Home is pretty special and unique Um uh these are the other wines that I Thought would be worth mentioning I Don't even know if you can find these so It's mean that I'm showing them here now But you should know about their finest Wines we have of course this sauvignon Blanc which you're tasting today or Maybe tomorrow or last week or whenever And then we've got their Shiraz which if You like a cool climate style of Shiraz This is not your big Bodacious Shiraz This is more of a lean elegant Syrah uh And then uh there's the lenswood Vineyard Pinot Noir and lenswood Vineyard Chardonnay so these are all Single and Vineyard single estate Wines By Sean Smith that are worth mentioning And Um I think it has to do with the fact That they've got a master of wine they Actually have a couple of Master wines On staff and when you do deep research

About the world of wine you get a very Different way of looking at the world Around you When you learn more about wine and you Start growing grapes differently and I Think that's what inspired this brand Yeah so I hope that's super exciting uh This wine is fantastic and I don't know yeah I don't I think I have Anything else to add other than The first Passion Fruit like raw that I Ever tasted was when I was in Adelaide Hills Maybe I had one before long long ago When I was a little kid I don't remember But it was like immediate memory recall When I smelled this one It's funny because I feel the same way I Remember chatting with like some like uh Ozzy and cutie friends of mine they're Like oh yeah passion fruit and you know You just don't really have passion fruit A lot in North America Um and then you have the passion fruit You're like oh my God sauvignon blanc Does taste like passion fruit there's no Bang on it's crazy it just all comes Together so um I guess like Hot Chip go To the grocery store grab a passion Fruit and your your mind will be blown Yeah yeah uh I totally agree somebody Called out grapefruit as a flavor I'm Trying to think I called out white peach Gooseberry grass petrichor that was one

Of my that's like one of my favorite Things to smell in wine is freshly Wedded pavement Pacific Northwest of you yeah and uh Lenses do lime juice passion fruit Um and I almost felt like it was almost Saline on the palette a little bit too Yeah so yeah great wine super delicious Who's what's next what's next year Oh yeah Arpel Christine's gonna tell us a little Bit about this Hi everyone it's me again it's time to Check out our third wine today and it's From sunny California Presque is a family owned and operated Winery that has four generations worth Of history in farming the name Presque Isle has special meaning to the family As they had a piece of land on the Mississippi Gulf Coast which was Nicknamed Presque Isle that used to be Used for family gatherings however During Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that Land was lost to the Sea Originally Farmers from Arkansas and Louisiana the Murphy family started Their California Adventure in 2007. They searched up and down the west coast To find the perfect spot for Pinot Noir And settled on the Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara County The Santa Maria Valley is located just 2.5 hours Northwest of Los Angeles so

You might think it's really hot here However it's one of the coolest Viticultural regions in California Why Well one major reason reason is the Pacific Ocean In most of California the mountain Ranges run along the coast protecting The Inland from the cool air and fog From the Pacific however in Santa Barbara County the mountainous re the Mountains run East-West funneling cool Air and fog directly from the ocean Into The Vineyards This makes for a long cool growing Season which is perfect for Pinot Noir Now it's time for you to taste this Amazing wine with Madeleine and Kalina Cheers Cheers Cheers indeed Um I happen to have this amazing map That you made That has Santa Barbara on it yes I'm Getting super useful here yeah yeah that Region now has a new appellation called San Luis San Luis Obispo coast and I was Thinking oh maybe this wine cons this Was I think it just Happened that it's now SLO Coast so this Wine was produced before it was legally You are legally allowed to put it on the Bottle But they're not actually going to be Putting it on a label they're going to

Stick to Santa Barbara County is that Right yeah yeah that's That's what you think um truthfully Honestly I'm so pumped up about this one I think it's such a delicious Pinot Noir And we were talking about the color Um Robert in the chat also mentioned Like what a different color this is it Is such a pale Pinot Noir Interesting we were chatting about this Earlier where it's like you know Pinot Noir is a really thin skinned grape Infamously difficult to grow because It's prone to rot and mildew all of Those other things but a lot of um you Know I guess entry-level inexpensive Pinot Noir Um especially in California gets blended With Syrah to sort of like bulk it up so You get like that bit of a deeper color That little bit more bold Flavor to it As well too but you know this is this is I mean clearly and questionably 100 Pinot Noir like it's just so fresh and Vibrant and like I really get that Beautiful like kind of like just Slightly under ripe kind of almost Cranberry raspberry reaction to it and I Just I adore this wine I think it's Delicious and love to drink it Forevermore the Um one of the people I've always looked Up to is do you remember Gary vaynerchuk Used to do the Wine Library TV

He always would smell Pinot Noir and be Like pickle juice I know I smelled the Point like on first open like it's Raspberries and it's cherries and it say Biscuits it's Rose it's all these pretty Flavors but there's just a little whiff Of the Gary V pickle juice that's Because I think that they use like a Little bit of um Like it's all older mature barrels so It's not giving a ton of flavor but I Wonder if it's because there's like some American Oak in there because that gives That little bit of like a dill character To it I don't know I don't know I don't know that could be that's a Thought we could we should we should Find out we should find out yeah they're Using America that's crazy Yeah Um loving that uh this uh this is Interesting because Um we have that Coastal influence you Know This region this is very close to Los Angeles and if you know that area at all It is how it's very hot there but Because we have that currents in the Ocean we get this fog layer in California is anyone tuning in from The coastal California at all you know What it's like every morning you get up And you're like oh it's cloudy again And then it burns off right around 12

So one and then it comes back in around 6 00 p.m and it stays with you overnight And then it does the same thing the next Day and that's how it is all summer long And it sucks if you love the sun because You're just like come on give me some More of that I just want an evening Where it's sunny all night and I can Watch the sunset but if you're a grape Like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay you can Actually produce hello from La I saw Sorry I'm not distracted Um you can see Uh uh you can see that these wines can Be made in this very delicate Elegant Style because of that that Marine Influence All right oh you've got the next one Yeah I do We go we've got we're heading to France Let's go to France why not right so we Have the domain dinner ban Um this is an exciting little line and It's funny because Um it's very much off of the beaten path In a way that it's virtually almost Informationless this line uh we did work With our good friends at Kermit lunch on This Um it is predominantly grenache-based it Has a little bit of Syrah and a little Bit of moved in it Um what I really love about this wine is That here we are Southern Valley and

We're in boom de Venice now boom to me Is like I'm thinking like We got Muscat here and it's got to be Fortified we got white musket and that's Fortified that's just what happens with Bone dominice that's what we've all Learned in our wine education all day Long red bump to Venice are you kidding Me like that exists no apparently they Make like a decent amount of it too and That's that's cool that's neat let's try Something new right Um we're located right next door to Jugandas as well as Shadow Nifty pop Which is obviously more famously known Um and to me it's like these Little Gems Like this that I love trying to find Where it's just like you know anybody Can just walk down the aisle and grab a Shadow Nifty pop but here's something That's going to provide you a ton of Value and probably do just as well and Get give you more bang for your buck Which is cool and personally what I'm All about so the southern grown what are We known for uh we have the Mistral Wind Coming from the north it's an icy cold Wind coming from the Seas of the north It comes down Um but you can see in this like gorgeous Photo there you have this little Mountain range that only really sort of Breaks off boom to mini so they don't Really get any of that wind so you're

Getting a lot more heat Um you're getting a lot more ripening And you're also um kind of for for the Way that the actual Vineyards are Planned too as a result because it is so Much warmer they actually plant The Vines further apart because there's not As much cooling available not too much Water available all of those things Right so it's pretty cool how it's done You get some of those gnarly Bush finds In there that have to be picked by hand All of the grapes are picked by hand at Uh domingue Duran which is pretty neat Um and it's a tiny little third Generation family-run business Um the two brothers Henry and Philippe Are at the helm there Um and the craziest part about this was You know you kind of flip around you're Like all right like where is this Exactly um and they actually say don't Use your GPS to get here Um but if you go to this unmarked Gravel Road and go about you know 10 kilometers Down the road Um we'll be there and you know it's so That gives you really the sense that They like to get old school you know What I mean um and just like as an Example of that this is about as a old School as it gets um wouldn't that we Were talking about that with the Stainless steel tanks and and the

Um March martinati and the charmot Method debatable who call it what you Please Um but uh here we are we have like these Big wooden rats like you know those have Been around for I believe they said About 40 years these ones specifically Which is pretty neat uh why do we like Wooden Vats uh well number one they're They're stunning and beautiful to look At of course Um but they actually do allow for a Small amount of aggressive air what's Challenging about them they're much Harder to keep clean right um you've had Just like hose them out and what's up Bob's your uncle you can have microbes That live in wood as well too so you Know hygiene becomes a little bit more Difficult but I think they really nail It on this wine it's really amazing Actually because you I'm sorry to Interrupt but like most the the Producers that I know who are making Grenache based Blends like this one this Is what 70 Grenache Um in 25 so raw a little bit more bed Like most I thought most of them were Using concrete tanks because because you Don't want that much oxygen exposure for Grenache so for this wine to be this Color like it's purple like I pulled out My little purple my color guide My handy dandy Wine Folly color guide

And I was looking at it and I was like No way Which I don't know I wrote down in my Book I think this could last You know 7 10 plus years from this point Forward like it's young this is a Hathaway one Yep I agree with you totally Madeline Um and these are just a couple of the Other wines that they make there I mean On the left we have like the the Muscat Bum davinis which is you know the white Fortified delicious wine that we expect To come from boom to Venice they also Have a violet Um so in Old Vines which is the wine on The right there too but you know like Pretty small little family operation but I think we should probably taste this Because it's gonna be really delicious I Think So in regards to the description of the Color in um there are these terms Associated with cut wine red wine color And this is called Purple even though It's still Ruby and this is called Ruby And that's called Garnet so it's Actually a very close color difference Between what is purple and what is Garnet so just keep that in mind when we Talk purple we mean oh no it's still Ruby but it's purple it's totally purple So just wanted to answer that I saw that

Question pop up in the comments I find That there's like definitely some purple Vibes especially on the rim right and You think like what is this like we have A 2021 so this one's about a year and a Half old from vintage Um yeah moving along here uh Familia for Lottie Keep this Lion in mind because it'll It'll key in in a little bit Um when we're talking about this Producer um the actual major the Producer that makes this wine is called Bodega for Lodi and Familia for Lodi is Their sort of main Flagship wine of Bodega for Lodi this line comes from Mendoza in Argentina and Mendoza is Huge this is a huge Place uh we have About 400 something thousand acres in California we I'm not even in California But we have it um and they have about Four 363 000 acres in Mendoza so it's quite a lot Of plantings that are here in this Region and so this Region's quite large And if you can see These areas within Mendoza they're very Different from each other even though The the major grape here is Malbec we Find a lot of variant in the style of The production of Malbec across this Entire region and this is a Malbec that I have here I have it here oh

That knows so I just want to show you This is actually from Familia uh for Lodi to show you what um where their Vineyards are So we see this little stars on the map They are actually there Bodega is Located in leandukuyo now if you ever go To this region Yolanda louisanda kuyo is Like The classic historic Center of wine Production in Argentina this is where The people came in the late 1800s lots Of Italian immigrants came in and Malbec Was the major grape that was starting to Get planted in that region along with a Few others and wine production in this Region started around loyan nucleo so a Lot of the most historic Estates are in This region still and this is where You'll find them now and that includes To the east in maipu and that's where we See that other little star that's Loneluta there's chakras decoria chakra Sakura if you ever go to Mendoza that's Right at the entrance to the wine route So if you're planning your trip around a Grello and all these spots that have all The most famous wine producers in this Region you will start or stay at a Really cool Boutique Hotel in chakras Decoria then down south is where we have UCO Valley this is a very different Region in a lot of ways it's it's newer Plantings but it's also a much higher

Elevation than Leon de cuya which gives Us a different style of Malbec because Again every 1 000 feet you climb up in The air you have this thing called Average left we lose about five or so Degrees in Fahrenheit and when we talk About wine growing regions the Difference between an intermediate Climate and a hot climate is about three And a half degrees right at the cusp Like it just when three and a half Degrees we'll send you right over the Line you know between the two types the Two sort of zones so you know when we Talk about these climates it's a really Fine grain of difference between the Climate types of climates so UCO Valley Is a much cooler climate because it's Much higher elevation Ah back to Our friends the lion the furlodis uh This Winery Was a classically major major major Winery in the region and I want to show You the major guy who started it this is Our uh Angel for Lodi is an Italian Immigrant came in as an agronomist so I Found this picture and I was like man if This guy was my grandfather I would be So stoked With this little short tide is High-waisted pants it's amazing this guy Looks amazing this guy was productive he Started this Winery in 1914 and he grew

It up into the 1960s to 5 000 Acres of grapes And he had 58 000 olive trees uh so this is this is a Crazy amount of effort I see a QA um if We should be decamping this wine Um before drinking it and I would Recommend about at least 30 minutes of Decanting of this wine and there's a Couple things I want to talk about the Flavor of this one so it's pretty pretty Specific to this wine and the age of This wine Um and um they made this wine called Leon Vino Leo uh wine of the lion and this is Leon Viejo Old Lion I found this old Label I was excited about it so I wanted To share it with you and um but labels It's beautiful right and so this is um Actually their Vineyards in Luanda kuyo And you can see the diversity of the Landscape and the plantings here this is A very very dry region so we know we've Been established here for a long time Because we have trees and wind blockers And things like that in basically a Desert climate Um and so that's at uh for Lodi in uh The landukuyo area there and but four Generations later this is a great great Great sorry great granddaughter of Angel This is Gabriella for Lodi and she's Actually changed the direction uh for

Lily quite a bit one of the things that She's done is had a focus on championing The local farmers in the region she has A program of fair trade so paying Reasonable wages to the employees there And that's been uh spearheaded by her She also has an old Divine protection uh People were ripping out all kinds of Vines and there's a lot of classic uh Old old Vines 100 year old Vines and Show in this region um just because it's So old uh the classic uh wine growing And there of clones and varieties that People don't really want that aren't Super popular but she's done a lot to Actually preserve these and keep them Going for the brand Um overall for Lodi has a few Brands Associated with them and I just to let You know about them so if you see them And if you like the swine you can try to Find them I love these notes that are coming in on The comments on this wine So this uh Familia for Lodi is their Sort of their Flagship brand associated With them uh Finca adalgisa is the name Of her family estate that is in Chakra Sakuria and you could that's actually a Little hotel that you can stay at and That's their finest wine that they make Is at the small Winery on premise there And then so Luna is a brand that's Focused on fair trade and supporting

Farmers in these old Estate Vineyards so Three different brands associated with Furler that you might want to know about And very very delicious these are a Couple of this is their entry-level Malbec which I think is quite quite good But if you want to bump it up and we Could talk a little bit more about the Differences of these wines Um there's Finca lunluto this is their Single Vineyard from the London region And paraje Altamira now I want to talk About about Check out the Argentina guide Uh we just launched a massive Argentina Guide this way and it's actually Included in that guide and this producer Isn't part of the guide too Um it's it was a huge effort to get all The information of the regions and to Learn and to give you the incredible Amount of detail of how to find great Wines from this region again is part of The old East Mendoza and it has alluvial Clay soils and so it's going to make a Richer style of wine with more black Fruited flavors and pencil lead notes Whereas paraje Altamira that's going to Be in uh actually I think I could go out One slide over that's going to be in the Sort of UCO Valley Zone Where it's a lot higher elevation and You're going to notice uh more cherry Fruits in the Melt backs coming from

These areas but if you want to find out More about finding the best wines from Argentina I highly recommend checking Out that guide Um and on the notes on tastings or that Took a little bit while I'm a little bit Passionate about Argentina This way it's old That is It's cool that we were able to figure Out a way to get a wine that had a Little bit of age on it into the club Like everything else that we're taking Like 2020 2021 which is cool and awesome But like for 2017 for Malbec you know I I feel like I've heard from some wine Professionals oh Malbec can age which I Think is a bunch of baloney if I'm Totally honest Um because it just is I mean when when It's made well which this wine is it's Six years old already and this has Nothing but time on it I would feel Really comfortable aging this for Another seven to ten years without Question would I have preferred to Decant it today before we got into this Tasting absolutely yes Um you know leather like a three hour Decent yeah totally that's the Aging Characteristic that pops up to me in Roasted rice Yeah That's

Um your toasted rice is my tobacco [Music] That's what it is For sure this wine still has lots of Acidity on the palate Um it's totally a tobacco party uh this Is it it's it begs for roasted Meats I Want to pair it with filet that's that Would be my pick Yeah anything grilled really would just Be amazing like This is Pretty good with that carne asada Burrito Yes I like a high low I'm a high low That's how I operate it's like tacos and Champagne Yeah We're on to our last wine you're really Excited about this one I'm so excited Wine Um for those in the chat how many people Have a lot have had a wine from Uruguay I would love to know that or a tanat for That matter Um this is definitely a little bit of a Uh Outlier in the crew today Um to the point where we used our Trusted friends at Google to provide you With this map to show you where Uruguay Is Um

So basically as you can see like we're Sandwiched between Argentina kind of to The to the west and the South and then We Brazil to the other side there too Um not on like you know for Lodi where You have like this Italian influence Um Uruguay also had an Italian influence There as well too as well as Portuguese Influence and you kind of see it kind of Coming through Um in you know obviously the prevalence Of wine making there at this point Um but um a few things that like I did Not know about Uruguay prior to prior to Us chatting is what other things are They known for uh fine wool they Actually export a ton of luxury wool to Europe to some really top designer Labels which is interesting Um Ranch lands and beef so not in like Argentina and Malbec right Um and tanats tonight to not to not Um they're very well known for tonight Um to kind of chat a little bit about Sort of the actual property which is Visually absolutely stunning Um it also they're like I would argue The biggest nerds on sustainability Um they were actually one of the first Wineries well no they were de facto the First Winery outside of North America to Get Leed certification Um which is cool that's kind of like Your Olympic gold medal of

Sustainability they cover six different Sort of pillars into what needs to Happen measuring things like water Electricity all of those things I love Sustainability I think it's a very Important thing about winemaking how we Think about how we can be custodians of The land um but also during harvest in The uh In the winery itself too so this kind of An idea of the lay of the land I think This is just like such a pile of Beautiful pictures what the heck that Estate is gigantic right Um but you can kind of see the Undulating Hills too right and in the Far off in the distance Um that's the ocean as well so it gives You an idea like you're getting those Cooling ocean currents coming in there So that's pretty neat I think they're About five miles from the sea Um And you're kind of getting these like Undulating Hills so you're getting the Little cool pockets in there as well too Which is which is neat for them as well Um and then I really love this shot Because I think it like you know we talk About sustainability a lot and uh the Actual sellers are actually carved into The side of the Hill Um and it doesn't really get much more Carved into the side of the hill then

Having some rocks for your walls right Um what's cool about that is like the Actual natural rock obviously absorbs Water so that helps maintain humidity Within the cellar naturally Um which is pretty neat and um yeah they Do all kinds of neat things with water Management too I mean a lot of people Talk about like water management in the Vineyard which is great and they use Drip irrigation Um to minimize and you can like you know Water really lightly in the blocks that You need it to and be really like you Know conservative that way which is cool Um but what I think is important too is Actually in the cellar hot water's Managing Harvest because you go through Heaps of water during Harvest cleaning Things right Um making sure that everything's clean And ready to go whether that's bins Tanks you name it hygiene is the name of The game right so that's really the Biggest time of year that a winery's Going through water consumption and when Um you know at a facility like this they Actually are able to filter and reuse That water over and over and over and Over again which is pretty neat out if You ask me that's cool thanks you know I Never really knew that much I like had This I remember the first time I tried They make this wine and they make a

Freaking delicious uh Albarino whole Healthy albertino So uh when you brought it into the club I I totally jumped up and down you know This wine you said it earlier and I'm Stealing it from me I wrote it in my Tasting book it's a wild beast it is a Wild beast this thing is a beast It's blueberries cherries in freaking me It's media's heck it's got It's like It's like floral and meaty and cherries All at the same time like raw like like If you like your steak rare this is a Rare wine right here Totally like it's got that irony kind of Flavor to it yeah Um I find too like you know when when People talk about like I remember when I Started learning about tasting and Whatnot it's like the concept of like oh This Wine's concentrated I think this is Like a textbook definition if you're Like oh what's concentration in wine it Is this this is Got some muscle baby Yeah we I remember doing research on Tannins and wine just because I was Writing an article and I was like what Are the high tan and highest tanning Wines out there unfortunately uh someone Had done some research on the highest Hand in grapes there's some studies out Available and I remember seeing the Difference and everyone thinks of

Cabernet Sauvignon as a super Titanic Grape and it is And tonight is like Three times three to four times more More tannin level in The Grapes you know And in general I mean when you taste This wine it isn't three to five four Times more tannic it actually takes Smooth and balance which is surprising For how tannic these grapes are Um but that polyphenol the levels of Polyphenols are like off the charts Polyphentals polyphenols antioxidants The only thing in wine that's good for You Totally it's crazy and I mean I think Like that's one of the things where like Garzon's really mastered that tanned Management because these can be face Melting tannins Um and they're not like I mean this is a Bold line that has some really strong Tannic structure but it's like I mean You know you could sip on this if you Wanted to yeah um I'm really excited About this next photo because it's just So stunning Um and also who doesn't need a food Pairing with this like we've been Talking about some delicious Meats with The Malbec as well but like this is some Of the stuff that they do at garzon it's Just like yeah I would like to go to This Barbecue Party Please

Wow yeah sign me up I'm right I'm there Right but I mean it's just like when you See that you're just like oh like I can Taste the Char just looking at that and I can see how beautifully that would go With this line I think you can order These wines directly from us if you Contact Club at it's I Think it's possible to get your hands on Some of these wines I'm not I don't know The details I know we had some trouble Uh with this part of it we're figuring It out but I think we have it mostly Figured out um but do do contact Club at Wine Folly Kelly will help you sort it Out Um sort out your needs if you want to Upgrade your Club if you need help doing That I know there were some people Missing having fear of missing wine not Fomo it's Farm Uh so yeah so so you're welcome to uh we Do have more openings for the six-pack Now Um for the next shipment I think is that Right am I I Um yeah we've got we've got a little bit For the six packs left for sure if Anybody does want to want to switch over That's definitely a possibility I see a question Um Harrison Allen is asking what what Wines are generally aged in the concrete Baths from garzone

Based on the taste of this probably the Tonight Yeah but tonight does see some concrete So they have um they have a really Interesting uh they do some single Vineyard to knots as well too that see a Little bit more Oak but this does see Some concrete Um which I mean I think concrete's Really exciting I love seeing people use It a little bit more too I mean you talk About sustainability cleanliness all of Those things and you get that porosity So you get that little bit of Ingress of Oxygen as well too Um it's it's a cool vessel for sure That was my tanning face sorry You've got it it's like [Laughter] How many left is for the the last one Okay Janet makes me smile uncontrollably just Because it's so like I remember the First time I tried nebul and I was like Oh my God this is what people are Freaking out At first it's like at first when you try It you're just like no no this is not Okay and then people are like no it's Okay you'll be fine you're like wait I Can drink this okay all right I don't Know it's a scraper Tannen there's Actually a study I remember finding it Somebody studied this people get phds

For this this person studied tannin on The palette and the reason why we get This astringent texture like your Everything sticks to everything in your Mouth is because tannin actually pulls The proteins off your tongue from the Inside of your mouth the pro all the Saliva all the proteins in your saliva Basically gets scraped off of your Tongue now if you can imagine you have Proteins and other things inside your Body going through your digestive tract They're gonna get scraped off too if You're drinking if you keep a little bit Of tanat in your in your diet as like a Half a glass or something like that this Is my this is my justification for Drinking red You're hearing it right now Um I noticed that somebody in the chat Asked if concrete imparts flavor Um and it does not impart flavor it's Kind of like this sweet little love Child of the benefits of wood and the Benefits of stainless steel where Stainless steel is not imparting any Flavor uh where it's like wood can be And then when it's matured it usually Doesn't but it's porous so there's that Porosity to it so you do get that little Bit of aggressive oxygen that kind of Happens with it so don't don't you also Doesn't doesn't concrete also change the With the potassium levels in the wine

And possibly reduce acidity as well to a Little bit if it's raw I think you were correct about that Sometimes I need to line up with um Uh what's it lined with sometimes maybe Epoxy or glass yeah and then that would Be totally inert yeah and it would Probably also be also Um anaerobic as well yeah yeah if it's Lined so it matters if it's lined Concrete or unlined concrete because an Unlined concrete will change it'll Actually if you have a high acid wine It'll make a little less acidic and then A lined concrete will actually be more The benefit of concrete too is that it's Thick and the temperature doesn't change Drastically so you'll see it a lot in Hot climates you'll see a lot of Concrete tanks using hot climates and It's really great for full-bodied red Wines who don't need a lot of added Tanning we don't need to add Oak we Don't need to add extra tan into this Wine it's got plenty to go around we had A question from Isaac come in uh about The Malbec so I'm brought it back out to Remind us is it typical for a five to Six year old wine to be this Laden with Tobacco I see that you've got the Roasted rice you can smell the tobacco In this wine and it's absolutely Tobacco-laden Um for melt back from a warm climate

Like this in Mendoza I would say this is Probably par if you're higher up in the UCO Valley I don't I wouldn't expect This to happen this soon but yes this Would this to me Is about right and this is the Characteristic that we get with aged Wine from a cooler climate it takes Longer for this tobacco story to happen It might take 10 years or 15 years but From this particular producer from this In this particular wine we are tasting This vintage too 2017 Um is a was a pretty warm vintage in Argentina wait I can check our guide and Just be sure I feel like I'm lying right Now is it true too if that was sort of Like the tobacco flavors was like this Isn't seem New Oak right when you have that new Oak Then all of a sudden it was six years Old and it had more new Oak that tobacco Meter is going to be dialed right the Heck up right so yeah yeah that's true Yeah less Bingo bingo what she said Whoo wow What a tasting Yeah I think we might have a quiz coming Up That's great get ready Yeah one It's me again it's time to see what You've learned today with a quick pop

Quiz I'll ask Madeline and Kalina a Question to see if they know the answer If you know the answer make sure you jot It down Here's the question Australia is known for being the driest Hottest continent on Earth however today We tasted a refreshing and light Soviet Wonk from there How is it that Australia can produce Such a range of styles of wine from Light and crisp to full-bodied and juicy Do you know why Yeah so I wonder whatever you're Thinking we got somebody saying I see The ocean yeah Altitude that heat and humidity question Mark all the climates all the altitudes Tasted Sensibility Green turtle or elevation I love these answers you guys are quick Because Aussies are cool like last Answer yeah totally Micro climates yeah Tyler yeah okay Here's the answer While Australia is known for its hot and Dry climate the country's wine regions Span a wide range of latitudes Elevations and microclimates The diversity of climate and terrain Allows winemakers to grow a multitude of Grapes Each of which that can produce Different styles of wine For example in Tasmania and Adelaide

Hills it's quite cool thanks to the very Cold Southern Ocean there they produce Crisp refreshing wines particularly Chardonnay pinot noir and sauvignon Blanc like we tasted today However Inland areas such as Barossa Valley are much warmer and produce Fuller bodied Rich styles of red wine Such as Shiraz and Grenache So next time you think about Australia Don't forget that they make wines that Are both full-bodied and fruity but also Amazingly restrained and refreshing Styles too cheers Cheers yay Christine I like it Sorry that was brighter otherwise Getting into some q a if anyone has any Uh questions uh they want to throw down Now you're welcome to Um if you were excited about this and Want to stay tuned this Video will be up after this is over and Available for Access for you to view and Again if you need to recap And that would be in the Club login Experience under shipments I know we had Some some people having difficulty Getting there but it's under shipments And that's how you can access it What's the main difference between Uruguay versus Mata mataran for Southwest France tonight Um and they said that they're so curious Um aren't we all

Um you know I I had the fortune to work With two to not producers in a previous Life of mine Um and I have very strong opinions on This so so let's go for it so Um to me I think you know when you're Looking at Southwest for us I always get It it's like way more meteor way more Savory Um a little bit on The Rustic side and Like the tannins I would argue are Sometimes almost untameable Um which is excellent for aging why Um you know I've been fortunate to taste The matter and that is you know upwards Of 25 years old and it's gonna be fine For another 25 and that is very cool is That User and Um You know search out some old to not for Sure right Um I find Uruguay because they have much More recently modernized their wine Industry Um they're being a lot more careful Tenant management and trying to make Wines that are a little bit drinkable Earlier on which I think this very much Is but could still easily you know Seller for you know upwards of seven to Ten years as well Um but I find you know you do get a Little bit more sort of of a polished

Fruit driven style in our way that that Would be my hot take there Um and I'm happy to be proven wrong on That but Um yeah that's that's kind of my Thoughts there Robert who's working on His wsct uh how do you get better with Picking out things Do you use nose or taste Um we probably have both slightly Different answers or whatever How about you you go first Down two or three things Um but I find I get a lot more from Taste and that's personally how I like To go about it what I found really Helpful for getting flavors just tasting The thing like not the actual wine I Mean obviously taste lots of wine that's Helpful Um and learning but like taste Raspberries taste under ripe raspberries Think about the fruit that you're having Right is this a really really ripe apple Is this a really really under ripe Apple Um just like be like more aware as You're tasting things generally in your Life I think that makes people better More accurate tasters for sure what do You think Madeline I'm I'm one of those Like idiot savant tasters where I know It when I see it let me almost Immediately but I'm but and I'm often Confused by there are a couple of things

That will confuse me And acidity is one that confuses me Often because sometimes you can have a Really high acid wine from a warm Climate and it and you and you know it's Warm climate it looks warm climate it's Definitely a warm climate but you can't Place it there because that you're Thrown off by a detail so Um when I get into that stage I actually Trust my nose a little bit more I find That my nose is stronger than my palette But I have a friend who is a non-taste Or not a non-teaster yeah he's basically His his nose doesn't he has not as nasmi He's not an asmia but like he's a mess Or someone yay so You can do it You could you've got the tools just use Them and find the way that works for you So for me it's to trust what I know to Be true because I have the tasting Experience Um but that's me uh okay next question How does Aussies we gotta do we have a Bunch of questions really quick so we're Gonna rapid fire them how does Aussie Saw Blanc compare to saw Blanc from France for example a sincere how does The ostisob want compare to Sublime from France for example a censor I mean to me I find like you kind of get like a Little bit more savoriness to sense There although sensors interesting in

The last like five years there's been Some really hot vintages there and the Alcohols are getting higher so you're Getting more richness and it's it in my Opinion I feel like sanitary is becoming More almost Aussie like in that regard Right Um that's just me like you know if you Would have been chasing sunseters more Than five years ago otherwise like those Are a little bit leaner a little bit More minimal I always like got this like Really uh chalky kind of note to it but I'm finding with the warmer riper Vintages Um that that's kind of deteriorating in The wines and maybe not it's not Necessarily a bad thing I think it's Just it's a change Um here's a question from Vogel channel The pinot and Ronin Reds tonight seemed Very harsh Um such that I struggled to discern the Fruit is it their youth all right now I Want to know what it says They are youthful Ugh nose is great on both of these ones I mean to me I think the big thing with These too is that they're they are being Youthful and they're being a bit of a Tease like they're they're compact They're flavors Um that being said I think I poured this Glass for myself about gosh was it maybe

Three hours ago and it's opened up Significantly Um so I would advise like just like Like give it a little Bit I think that really applies to both Of those wines because they are they're Tightly wound youthful this one fellas This one in particular the domain de Durban has that spiciness that you're Talking about and to me that comes Across as acidity on the palette that I'm pasting on the domain to Durban Compared to the Pinot the Pinos a little Bit less I feel like that's acidity Um it's not volatile acidity it's just Acidity Is so two-faced in California worm you Get more Mandarin where the New Zealand Ones cool climate are my fave the super Kiwi and pineapple that's a comment okay I agree about the Pinot tobacco is very Strong to me and overrun the fruit for My taste for the Pinot Okay that's interesting the Pinos I wasn't really getting that but maybe Tobacco I was definitely getting Tobacco On the Malbec Yeah So that one is good for a longer decant Yes yes okay Whoo It's Thursday night tasting Thank you so much yeah this has been a Blast I'm so happy that we get to do

This after all of the hard work that We've put into To making this to being together to Taste to to collect to share to have a Community how great is that Yeah this is amazing thank you thank you Colleena for setting this up getting This started Um also like mad shout out to the wine Fully team and all the hard work that Everybody's put in to make this happen Um our boy krom who is doing the Moderation and the production here is Just killing it and some squatching up In the corner there we love that we love Our sound squanch Um and yeah I mean check out our region Guides for Mendoza for Canada Valdivia Um you can re-watch when we have it Logged in we have a small little bit of Trimming to do so it'll maybe be like a Couple hours before it goes up that's no Big deal Um and yeah we're also like so pumped up For next month's lines like it's bigger It's better it's gonna be amazing Um and you guys are our inaugural Members and that's like no small thing So thanks for the love we really really Really we really appreciate you mm-hmm 100 yeah Yeah thank you so much for joining us Everyone today we had an amazing time Tonight and we'll make sure we make it

An hour next month Foreign Foreign