Wine of the Month: Mouillard, Chateau Chalon wine from the Jura region

Foreign [Music] Sport is reserved for some pretty Special wines I have to say I'm tasting Scores sometimes hundreds of wines every Month and one of the month I'm going to Allow myself those wines that are maybe A little bit more esoteric maybe a Little bit more expensive and that Certainly goes to this month for this Wine this is the jealous Chateau Shalom 2014 vintage and it's priced at around About 65 to 70 pounds depending on Whether you buy a case of it or just a Single bottle of it And the wine is available from Dudley Jones fine wine who trading online I've Put their web address just at the bottom Of the video along with the price So Um Chateau Shalom is a small Enclave Within the Jura wine region in the Eastern part of France closer towards The German border down below Alsace And they specialize in wines like this One in the Chateau Shalom region which Emit from the seven Yan grape not Sauvignon blanc but Sauvignon and it's Very unusual in that it's made very much Like a Sherry in that a layer of yeast Is allowed to form on top of the barrels As they mature In a Sherry this is called floor here

It's called the voil or the veil of Yeast and that gives the wines an Incredibly kind of nutty interesting Kind of character from this yeast Contact as it matures now unlike a Sherry it is not fortified so there's no Spirit added to this it's a Straightforward table wine but it does Weigh in with the 14 and a half percent Alcohol So you can maybe see the nice kind of Golden color of the wine here that's Where these van Zone these yellow wines Uh get their name and on the nose Oh well I mean it's glorious it's Intriguing it's not about fruit Necessarily it's about those kind of Yeasty baked apple and brioche wonderful Earthy not taking a notes Um as I say very much like a Sherry Tasted blind you'd swear it was a Sherry And but just really intriguing and Really really inviting something Different for sure then on the palette Broad textured braced by acidity I can Assaulty saline lick of acidity along With lemon and all the time the fruit Just kind of sitting there very nicely In that earthy intriguing kind of Framework of flavors something very much Different these wines Um will appeal very much to people who Are exploring natural wines for example And not so much about the fruit but

About this particular terroir and wine Making style it's a absolutely brilliant Wine I have to say not for every day Obviously both in terms of maybe of Style and price but a terrific wine the Jean-Luc moyard Chateau Shalom 2014 sold by Douglas Jones fine wine is my wine of the month [Music] Thank you [Music]