WORLDS BEST WINE after 100 YEARs – Tastes like Heaven or Hell?

The sponsor of this episode is Skillshare hi i’m konstantin baum master Of wine and today we’re going to do Something crazy i’ve tasted many Expensive wines mystery wines and Special wines on this channel but i’ve Never tasted three expensive special Mystery ones in one video before and i’m Not talking about regular expensive Special mystery wines if such a thing Exists i’m talking about wines that Appear to be la fit la tour and mouton All first grows from polyak in bordeaux And they appear to be over a hundred Years old so let’s find out whether they Are really all that special shall we [Music] A few weeks ago a subscriber contacted Me and told me about these wines that he Has in his cellar lots of people sent me Photos of old wines they found but this Story sounded very interesting he had Bought wines from an old royal estate The house was in the family for Centuries and they had lots of bottles In their cellar he tasted some of these Wines together with friends and found Them to be good sitze dutchman sent me Some pictures and offered to send me Some bottles as well what really piqued My interest was seeing references on the Label la fit latur and mouton are Clearly visible there are five wineries In bordeaux that carry the distinction

Of premier grand cru classes and they Represent the pinnacle of quality from That famous region the most recent Vintages cost hundreds of euros even Before the wine is bottled and old Vintages can easily cost thousands of Viewers thousands of viewers for 0.75 Liters of fermented grape juice Crazy one reason why these ones have Become legendary is because they can age For a long long time i’ve tasted some Examples that were decades old but can They really survive a hundred years the Labels are in terrible condition and There’s no way for me to find the Vintage or identify the wine clearly as Such even though seeds have selected Some more beautiful bottles what i’ve Gathered from seeds in my research is That these wines are merchant bottlings From a time when these wines weren’t Necessarily bottled at the estate you Know there were times when bordeaux Chateaus were selling most of their Wines in barrel to be bottled at a Merchant or negocio in france england or Belgium for example mootoon rochelle Stopped this practice in 1924 And then all of the other premier grand Cru clases followed suit the wines were Bottled by ant-man who was according to Sitze a negotiation based in bordeaux i Found out little information on this Business but i found out that john

Mature charles antman was a negotiator Who was based in bordeaux in the 19th Century so this further suggests that This wine might actually be older than a Hundred years this story clearly has as Many holes as the labels on the bottles But to me it kinda checks out so now Let’s look at the wine itself the levels Of the wine are pretty low they are Right here in the shoulder which is not Necessarily great But it doesn’t mean that the wine has Gone bad and it’s pretty typical for a Wine this old the bottles the glass of The bottles looks pretty typical for a Really old bottle those are not Industrially produced bottles that are Standardized you can see some uneven Bits and pieces so this is typical the Label I’ve never seen a label in such a sorry State looks like it has turned from Paper into chalk apparently and it seems Like they’ve experimented with Underwater aging at this estate as well I gotta tell you Probably the humid conditions that have Caused this label to decay Have helped the cork to stay flexible so That would be a plus that might mean That the wine is still alive but now Let’s open the bottles i’m going to use The durand for those bottles for those Very old bottles and in case that

Doesn’t work out i need to get my port Tongs out again but i don’t think Anybody wants that after the whole Burmester incident before i get into Tasting these amazing wines i want to Thank the sponsor of this episode Skillshare skillshare is an online Learning community with thousands of Online courses and members all across The world it is easy to use and offers Courses on a vast range of different Topics ranging from animation to web Development and why i want to continue Learning and improving my skills for the Rest of my life and this is why i Decided that i want to work on my Photography skills my pictures are fine But i think i can do better if i Understand the fundamentals of my camera Even better and this is why i took the Fundamentals of dslr photography course By justin bridges he’s a really cool Professional photographer and in this Very structured course i learned a lot About shutter speed aperture and iso and Now my pictures are getting better Skillshare is entirely ad-free and there Are new classes launched each week they Now come with subtitles in spanish Portuguese french and even german the First 1 000 people who click on the link Below this video we get a one month free Trial of skillshare so check that out And now let’s taste some wine i’m

Starting with the mutual rothschild this Estate is owned by the rothschild family And baron philippe de rochelle really Put the winery on the map when he took It over in the 1920s he was the one who Managed to get the winery upgraded to Premier corn crew classy status in 1973 So it’s kind of crazy to think that this Wine was still classified as a duision Crew classe and on top of that that it Might have been made before philippe Took over So this tool the durant was really Invented in order to open really old Bottles And Hopefully this will do the job The cork actually still looks pretty Good There it is One piece i was kind of hoping that There might be a vintage on that cork But i don’t see anything But i’m impressed by this cork this is Top stuff so i’m not going to decant This one because i don’t want to expose It to too much oxygen i’m just going to Take it easy pour it into that glass and See where that’s still alive This is what old wine looks like Man it’s brown What judging from the color i was Actually thinking that this might be Completely gone

But it’s not it smells like bordeaux I would have guessed in the blind Tasting that this is bordeaux i’m pretty Sure because it has this cassis flavor Tobacco leaf also a little bit of Leather coming through i mean it’s all a Bit Tuned down And on the palette it’s definitely quite Lean the talents have all melted away It’s quite a lot of acidity as well but It’s still present i mean it’s not gone At all there are however also notes of Port coming through which means that it Has slightly oxidized but i gotta say Before opening this bottle i actually Thought that this might be the worst Bottle in the bunch because i could Already smell the wine a little bit Through the capsule so there must have Been a little bit of leakage there Coming through And mouton was probably not the best Winery in bordeaux at that time so Quality might have been a little bit Lower than what you would expect from Mucho today But this is Still Beautiful Interesting exciting so this is still a Really exciting one if i have to rate This one i have to first say that this Score probably won’t reflect how

Exciting it is for me to taste this wine But It’s just not There anymore i mean it’s still Interesting exciting and there’s still Fruit flavor there but i would rate this Wine 81 points It is good in terms of quality It is a little bit oxidized but it still Stands up but in the context of the fact That this is a really really old wine Probably older than a hundred years It is amazing so let’s move on to the Second one chateau la tour chateau la Tour is a very prominent estate the First one to your right when you drive Into pojak from south julian it was Classified as the first growth in 1855 And it still has a great reputation Francois pino owns it today and he Invests quite a lot of money into the Estate to make sure that the wines are Top notch back then things were Different chateau la tour was selling Wines in barrels which would be Unthinkable today and let’s see whether This wine turned out okay this bottle Actually has the highest level out of The three it’s up here which is pretty Good for a really old bottle of wine so Let’s pull this out i gotta say i like The durand it’s pretty useful too not Sponsored just want to clean this a

Little bit to make sure that i don’t get Too much Stuff Into my glass How about those corks i’m very impressed They could have made my life a lot Easier though if they would have printed The vintage on that core so the color is Already quite something this is a little Bit more dark than the mutor so there’s More concentration here the color is More red there’s obviously lots of brown In here as well but it’s a bit more red And that kind of suggests that this Might be More fresh more young but Yeah let’s taste it first I wish you could be here So the mutton was already quite Interesting but this is on another level This is more concentrated more rich There’s flavors of cassis blackberries Coming through and there’s spice notes As well on the palette it’s really rich Vultures there are tenons there but they Are really soft and round there’s a Fresh vibrancy On the palette so this feels like an old Wine but it doesn’t feel like a very Very old wine even though i’m pretty Convinced that this is really really old This feels like there’s still life in it And I’m

Quite impressed you know the interesting Thing is that these wines might be from Another world but they also feel very Familiar Again if i would taste this in a blind Tasting i would think i put it into Bordeaux there’s this Fruit flavor combined with meaty blood Notes coming through Which Yeah very much remind me of classic Bottle i’m going to rate this wine 92 Points but for me it’s kind of difficult To put a number onto those wines because They are just extraordinary they are Very very special This just Is amazing just because it’s still alive And this actually still gives me quite a Bit of pleasure so What an experience so here we go chateau Lafitte lafitte is often considered to Be the best of the best it’s often Mentioned on the top in the Classification it was certainly a first Growth classified in 1855 And it’s still one of the most desirable Most high-priced wines in the world it Is today owned by the rothschild family And i remember times when i used to work In london and worked at a company that Was trading in fine wine la feed was all The rage back then the asian market was Really keen to get as much lafitte as

Possible And I like the wines a lot i’ve been to the Estate a lot of times I’ve dined there i had really good Bottles of wine but i’ve never tasted Anything this old i think there’s quite A lot of mold and stuff under the Capsule But that’s not a huge problem i hope That i don’t mess up The last cork that would be embarrassing This [ __ ] is in a worse condition than The others That’s always the thing with corks i Mean they are natural product So Yeah they’re not as reliable as some Other closures so let’s try chateau Lafitte It is pretty brown And slightly cloudy I’m not going to lie to you i’m a bit Disappointed i kind of thought La fit might be in the highlight in the Tasting that’s why i put it last But this is actually the worst Performing out of the three in my Opinion It Still smells interesting there’s Quite a lot going on there it smells a Little bit of Red currants

Plums A little bit of spice obviously there’s Quite a lot of party notes coming Through as well But it’s just Quite acidic on the palette Looks pretty light in terms of color as Well And It Just yeah it just Isn’t good anymore so i’m going to rate This one 65 points i’m sorry lafitte but At this point there are no great wines Anymore they’re only great bottles and This clearly isn’t a great bottle maybe Because of this cork which looked Pretty nasty but maybe the wine just Wasn’t good when it was put into bottle Who can tell i can’t but this experience Man this was exciting so first of all Thank you to sita for sending me these Wines so that i can share this Experience with all of you guys you Should all comment down below thank you Seetsa because that was really generous You are my favorite subscriber right now Sits Well done secondly i think this was an Amazing tasting and it clearly showed That bordeaux has so much to offer and The best wine of the tasting was the Chateau la tour the worst was the la Fete but all of these wines i mean man

If you survive such a long time and You’re still doing okay that’s a huge Accomplishment and i’m very impressed With all of these wines before i move These ones somewhere else i’m going to Invite someone in to taste these ones Somebody you all know somebody who’s Really keen to taste old bordeaux so Leon come on in Okay well Which one is your favorite out of the Line uh definitely that one Over here yeah Yeah yeah as far as i know la tour this Might be la tour yeah So thank you for watching if you like This video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already the question of the day Is which is the oldest bordeaux you’ve Ever tasted please comment down below I hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty