WSET speaks to the Kenyan World Blind Wine Tasting team

Hi my name is Sarah ladak my name is Melissa munde my name is Team for the world blind Hawaiian Tasting challenge [Music] My love affair with wine began about Seven years ago I remember being in a Room full of people who enjoyed wine so Much they made their job and I remember Feeling that this is an industry that I Finally feel like I can belong to and Thrive in I guess the moment when I fell In love with wine is when I visited Santa Emilio in France in Bordeaux and I Got to actually experience the village Taste the wine meet the wine makers and That really kind of sets my passion for Wine right off my first moment was when I was working as a wine waitress which a lot of passion and interest so I started researching more on wine Preparing for the championship wow you Have to taste taste taste and study Study study our leading to the Competition was a bit short so We had to go Fuller so it was every day Tasting Every day studying there was no off days While we preparing and steam wine can in Fact our biggest strength was that we All gone through wsct we've all done Level one over to level three and Therefore we have a good grasp on what The background of wine is in different

Parts of the world and this really comes In handy especially when you're tasting Wine's blind From anywhere in the world you need this Background knowledge to help you even When you're doing the things learning The Grapes learning the regions learning All the different techniques it gave us A really strong Foundation all of us in The team that have gone through the Examination and that prepared Us in Preparing for such a daunting task I Mean 12 Wines in 10 minutes per wine and Not knowing anything else you really Need to have a strong Foundation we had To read a lot and also test a lot Individually and also as a team so what I tell people who want to do also Prepare for the participation is Taste and read a lot read about Everything and anything when it comes to Life the biggest challenge so far has Been people really undermining my Talents and undermining my abilities are There so many just because I am young I Am African and I I'm not sure typical Sommelier that has made it a bit Difficult for me to penetrate and open Some doors but having the qualification Having the wsat qualification plus the Pin and the certification really helps To open the stores and I see this more And more a lot of people had questions Or misconceptions about what it is that

We're doing but I'm so glad for this Opportunity because being on that huge Platform and also the coverage that we Got for competing in it really opened up A lot of people's eyes to How broad the world is and and the Different kinds of paths that you can Take Whoever comes five years down the line Had it easier it has a Has people understanding what they do Better and for me that that's a win so I'm glad I did it cheers to you all Peace [Music] Thank you